segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

New things

I'm graduated now.. althoulgh I don't have the certificate, YET.
People has the talent of be really concerned about other people lives.... This is not different with me because now that I'm done with college stuff... people started to make the annoying question about what am I gonna do with my life up to now? Look... I haven't even breath yet to think about it and I must to tell them... "don't worry.. I now how to take care of my life and if I need you help I'll ask,, okie??

Having said that.. I must to say that I've been spending my time with movies and books and of course.. sleeping. I'm reading the Da Vince Code and although I' m a kind of prejudicous with best sellers, I must to confess I'm really enjoying the reading. Sometimes I can't follow Langdon's thoughts.. but it's good anyway. I haven't finish the reading so I won't make further commentaries... I'll let them to the end of my reading.