terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Coming back

Long time since I don't write anything here... I was so upset when I finished my graduation because people were always asking that annoying question about my future. Of course I still don't have the answer to that question, but life is moving on... and I am trying to do things on my way.
In fact things haven't changed much; I'm working much more and trying to think about my future slowly ...

And I'm here today to talk about a brazilian movie called As melhores coisas do mundo; I'm still wondering what I would classify as the best things in the world... maybe my guitar or a movie; I guess I just didn't live enough to know for sure what are the best things in the world, but this movie is moving on its own way. Talking about teens and all their problems doesn't sound really creative; but it makes me think that maybe I'm still a teen, with similar problems and questions.

This movie is also about sexual intolerance... the plot is about two teens who find out their parents are divorcing because their father is going to live with another man. Of course they have many problems dealing with this situation, but when this news get to their school lifes... life becomes intolerable ( I don't even know if there is this word... but if it doesn't... I just created it!)

I'd recomend everyone to watch this... it's a mixture of many issues that people should really talk about and not just pretend they do not exist anymore...

I'll try to write more here; but probably it will be about movies and books.... and also an atemptive to improve my english; my writing...


See you

Caty ( By the way, I chose this nickname because of a Tennessee William's play I read at college)