quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Nárnia - A viagem do peregrino da alvorada

After so much time I'm back to talk about this movie I have just watched....
I know most people see Narnia as a children movie, but all of them made me fell good because they made me feel safe! it probably happens because of my religious life and I see Aslam as the God who is always watching us; but even trying to forget this part; I could say undoubtely that Narnia is such a great adventure, and it can easily catch anyone's attention.
In this movie, Susan and Peter do not go to Narnia anymore, because this place was made only to children, and now they're not so kids anymore, so only Lucy and Edmund h
ave the chance to live Narni's adventures once more, but in this time their boring cousin also travel with them to the magic world of Narnia.
This time they have the mission to save Narnia of the evil strenght that is about to take the whole country if they don't stop, and of course the children will have the king's help to achieve their goals.
The first movie tried to discuss about about the ingrateful sons, just like in the Bible... remember who betrayed God? And also about the good father who gives his life to save his children ( or sheeps) - I know - It's too "clichê" but even in this way I couldn't say that I hated the movie, in fact, I really liked.
In this movie, which I really don't remember if it's the second or the third, they also keep using some religion, at least for me it's the only interpretation I can find right now, but anyway ... Aslam is also portrayed as the one who loves and cares about everyone and tries to help when it's possible, Lucy and Edmund are the ones who can still do something to stop
the power of the evil because they are still kids and because of that they are pure. That's exactly what we heard ... kids are pure and most adventure movies they are the only ones able to open magic books or something like that.
Of course I'm not going to tell what happend in the movie, but I really expect to read some comments about it....


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