sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011


Today I'm not here to talk about movies, I am here to talk irresponsibility.

I'm on vacation and today I woke up early because I had a post graduation class, but they changed the time and didn't notified me. I just realized something was wrong when I was already there.

If you’re not responsible enough to work with people.. just don’t!!

I am so angry now that I could easily hang somebody… I always try to do my things right and I’d really appreciate people did the same once in a while.

I’m going back there only because I already did my enrollment and it was kind of expensive. I could stay here talking about the feelings I’ve got now for hours… but I won’t because I have more important things to do, so… take my advice:

Take life and people serious and don’t be irresponsible…

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Jor disse...

It really sucks. I totally understand you 'cause most of the time we are screwed for people like this. It has no reason to be done in this way... people must be responsible for things they do. I'm not talking about a perfect world, I'm just talking about basic things related with the respect we must have with each other (it' very basic). Anyway, I hope things get better there.